IIPT Story

“IIPT is a friendly college you could hope for. Its small size means you get to know everyone”

Abhishek Vee Kumar
(Co-founder Director @ IIPT)

Who we are:
The IIPT stands for Imperial Institute of Polytechnic & Technology. The primary motive of IIPT is to “train young men and women able and eager to create and put into action such ideas, methods, techniques and information”. The Institute is a dream come true of its founders Dr. Ratna Rawat and Abhishek Vee Kumar who are behind the every idea and concept of this organization. They both are also in the management committee of the Mahila Jagrati Sansthaan. Dr. Ratna Rawat is heading this organization with the designation of Secretary and Mr. Abhishek Vee Kumar is supporting her with the designation of President. Dr. Ratna Rawat is also a Managing Director (M.D.) of this institution and Mr. Abhishek Vee Kumar is the Director & ThinkTank of this institution.

Our Vision:
To develop and nurture the available human resource for the social, economical & technical development in the Rajasthan state and in the country as well. Our commitment to transparency and stress on equal opportunity has been a key contributing factor behind our emergence as an institute of national repute, our rigorous intake process rewards only merit and ensures that only truly motivated students join us.

Our Mission:
The primary mission of IIPT is to create a cadre of professional men and women who have been imparted specialized skills, who have learnt to consider problems from a broad perspective and who have acquired a heightened sense of moral and social responsibility that their future positions of leadership demand of them. Our mission is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century. In short the Mission is: “Learning for Leadership”. Our aim is to develop the institute as centre of excellence in technical education for benefit of our social, industrial and student community with a sharp focus on :

  • Professional Competency
  • Enhancement of Research & Development Activities
  • Adoptability to the Trend & Changes in the Global Community
  • Linkage with Industries & Research Organizations at National and International Level.

Making a better world:
In these demanding times, the mission of the IIPT is more important than ever. And what is that mission? Put simply, it is enlightenment: the preservation of human civilisation, of wisdom built up so painfully and meticulously over the millennia – and the advancement of this knowledge, the continual deepening and enriching of Indian culture, international science and individual consciousness. Our teaching staff are highly qualified, dedicated and extremely motivated individuals.