3 to 30 Theory

It is a very simple and straight concept to learn the basics of life. We will not say that it is invented by Team IIPT but we would strongly say that it is strictly implemented in our teaching methods & other curriculum activities according to our 3 to 30 concept you have to spent your 3 years for our polytechnic diploma with complete focus and then we assure you that your rest of the 30 years will be a great fun in your life where you will be able to satisfy all your wants and needs so friends what would you prefer spending the first three years with a lot of struggle, dedication, enthusiasm and then enjoying the rest of the thirty years by all the means of living, joy a good package (salary)….OR…. spending your first three years in worthless tasks like not working hard, wasting time, bunking etc. and then spending rest of your life struggling to earn means of living, having a good salary, etc.. So the choice is yours…what way of life would you prefer??????

Option 1. Spent your 3 years with us and get rest 30 years an awesome life.

Option 2. Spent your 3 years own your own and get 30 years with full of struggle and worst lifestyle.
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